Thursday, December 18, 2014

God is so me

    I have been shown my open door
    Soon I will leave
    to return no more
    Joy that binds
    Soothed transformed mind

by N. N. Story

I love this song

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A tidbit to share

     I shared this on my facebook and realized I have not shared anything on here in quite a while and thought to share it here, as well.  Holy Spirit bring this to my rememberence every moment of every day.  I will always remember these truths that I have learned from God!

     A wonderful article from a fellow seeker who talks about how the translation is not actually 'gifts' of the spirit. And what the translation actually is, if you do the research. I did the research and found his findings to be accurate.
This leads me to the next conclusion, that when it talks about in 1 Peter 1:2-3 that we will have grace and peace from our knowledge of God...then you take what the effects of grace are, you can look at 1 Cor. 12 and also all other times grace is used it bestows kindness, love, mercy...the core of who God is...and put them back into that verse, 1 Peter 1:2...and you have something even bigger...when you have a knowledge of God you have mercy, kindness, the ability to work miracles, words of wisdom, prophecy, speaking in diverse tongues, discerning of spirits, love, charity, and anything else that falls into the grace of God. Because knowing what God has, and that He's in you, means all that God is...all that yummy goodness is within you, too!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Look Unto Me

     I have been, for years, well my entire marriage, I believe, looking for reassurances and a certain level of security, to feel like I belong and am wanted and accepted.  I have gotten it in moments here and there, but not much.  This caused me great stress and pain.  Many arguments and many difficulties.  I often have thought it would be better to be without a man, because I felt so betrayed and verbally abused by the men I have had in my life, for the most part.
    For as long as I can remember I have been seeking to better myself.  I remember being in high school and reading the Road Less Travelled.   I have always been searching for that.  God has been showing me what to do and things to do differently.  But I have been getting tired of being so hurt by the things being said to me.  Just tired of the things I would say and do after being so so hurt, too.
    After a week of what felt like non stop rejection and things gathering and gathering, something shifted and changed, praise God.  After being called a name a few times too many, it was it.   I told God I was done.  I had been working on getting back into the word and so I kept doing that.   God showed me through my lessons and bringing back to remembrance key verses I had read before, that God was my husband.  I realized that I can not look to my husband anymore for anything I need.  Maybe I should be able to, but I can not, so that point is not valid. I must rely on God.  God loves me so much and wants to show it even more I felt. So I decided to let God be my husband and for Him to love me.
    This decision has freed me.  My heart is lighter and I have more peace.  I do sometimes wish things were different.  But I must remind myself that God is making a way for my circumstances to change and be different.  I am looking forward to that.
    I do not know if I will be able to trust and open up to him again. But I am happy just knowing that God is on my side and I can get all I need from Him.  I do not need anyone else…God is my provider.  God always accepts and loves me and God always has reassurance for me in His Word.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Manna, Bread From Heaven: A Lesson in How to Handle the Word of God

    I am taking a correspondence course on Old Testament Survey 1.  It is by Wendall Parr and is extraordinary.  I love it!  I wish I was in class so I could ask questions.  But this is way better than no class at all!  I am learning a lot.  
      Last night I learned about how the Manna/Bread in Exodus 16 is a type and shadow for the written and living word of God.  What they were told to do with the manna, you can do with the word.  
For instance,
1. It came from heaven= the manna is supernatural, like the written word and the living word of God.  Nothing has been able to stop the bible or Jesus from spreading.
2. Came to people where they were= God comes to us, the word comes to us.
3. small in size= the bible is small and yet powerful.
4. white in color= white symbolizes purity
5. Made to be eaten= the word is made to be eaten and used if it is to be of any value to us.  It goes to waste if not used.  Like the manna when it was stored.
6. To be gathered daily= the word should be gathered into our hearts every day, too.
7.  To be gathered in the morning=  it is best to seek God first.
8. Obtained by the individual= you have to feed yourself the word of God
9. It was gathered by stooping over= you need to have a reverence to God's Word while gathering it.
10. Some will gather more, some less, but it will be what they need= some of us will study more, some less, but we are gathering and that is all that matters.  Let us not judge.
11. What is gathered has to be eaten or it will go bad= use the word you gather, do not just read and read and never put it into practice or you will put off a foul odor to non believers.
12. Incomprehensible to the natural man=they did not know what it was, hence the name Manna, that means what is it.  Neither does the natural man understand the word of God.  In Numbers 11 the mixed multitude of people hated manna, the word of God.
13. Preserved in the Ark= manna was saved and taken into the ark.  Jesus is the ark, the word incarnate.

14.  Will last as long as it is needed= the word will last and work as long as we need it to...rely on it.

      I am sure there are more things that can be deduced from these readings…that is what is wonderful about the Bible…always something God shows you, for you, for that moment, that day!  He provides all We need…let us praise Him!  Gloriously!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Closer to Bible School

      Well, we are getting closer and closer to moving for bible school!  What a blessing!  God has been working on my husband and he is now totally on board and getting excited about moving and possibly starting a new career path!  WOW!  God is so awesome!  I knew it would take God to get him motivated and He has done an excellent job!
     Now I have to finish up my first year so we can get a move on, literally!  Lol.  And my husband has some work to do on our house, so we can sell it.  It is an awesome chapter of our lives unfolding in front of us!  God is good all the time!  Thank you Lord for giving us this vision…for these dreams…and for making them come to pass…your word never returns void!  Praise God!  You are awesome!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friday night/ Saturday morning dream and Uganda Orphanage

    I dreamed that I was somewhere...and I answered a phone, landline....corded phone.  It was a Dr. Hunt and he told me I was to get ready I was going to Africa.  He then told me to watch out for Mousalini that he was scaring people in Europe...I believe it was western Europe..the stuff to the left of Italy.
      When I got up I told my husband about the dream.  He said that that was already happening in Greece with the neonazi's there that are upset with foreigners.  I said they were upset about what the government did to their money and their country's economy...and they were thinking they did not want anyone coming and taking a job.  So, I do not know if that was what was meant in my dream. But something is going to happen over there in that region soon.
    Also, I had just go into contact with a friend in Uganda who is at an orphanage.  We are now taking up donations to go to that orphanage in Kabale.  I have a couple of photos only.  But I know the woman, she is a truthful woman.  And they are not asking for money...but little things, like powdered milk, peanut butter, jam, wet wipes,  instant coffee, story books, small inexpensive toys, shoes for the orphans...things like that. If anyone wants to help, please message me or leave a comment and I will get in touch with you.  The shipping costs more than what we are shipping to her.  Uganda is corrupt so we must send some items into Rwanda to guarantee they will get them.  Keep Sister Sev and the orphanage in your prayers please!  She will be going back to the UK to do the paperwork to get them charity status at the end of the year.
    I am so excited to be able to help them.  It seems since I have been deciding to do this I have been under attack.  I accidentally run over something in a drive thru line, a weird divider the store had up that you could not see.  It did some damage to the underside of my car.  Then I found out today at the dentist that I have two bottom teeth that have minor mobility and that I need to see an orthodontist and will probably need braces so I don't loose any teeth in the future.  That messed me up, especially with the strife that keeps popping up in our marriage. I just want peace in our home Lord.  Pray with me, anyone who reads this...for peace to be in our home, in my husband's both of our mouth' be focused on God and His love always.  How can we do so much good if we can not stop the strife!?!